Optimalisering template
Optimalisering is the third free Joomla template provided by søkemotoroptimalisering. The Optimalisering template has been released under the Creative Commons Attributable-Share Alike license. Which basically means you can use it for commercial and non-commercial projects, but must link back to both the author's site and the template sponsor: Romow Web Directory. To download the template press here.

Below you can see the template:


It is really easy to change the logo, just change the logo file in the images folder. Please make sure that the logo picture is: 20 x3,0 cm(with x length).

Optimalisering logo

Below you can see the template with module positions:

Optimalisering med moduler

If you have any problems with using this template, please don't hesitate to contact us.

To download the template press here.
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