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Carpet dye

01.10.07 | Ingen kommentarer

Yesterday I managed to split a glass of wine on my carpet, so the search begun to find a carpet dyer. And guess what, after doing some searches on the Internet I managed to find this American website: Carpet dye.

The funny thing is that I now realise that carpet dyes are not just carpet dyes, as you may see in the link. Obviously there are numbers of different colures and all of them need different dye chemical. My question is how in earth can’t you have only one carpet cleaning chemical, instead of a long list with different carpet cleaning chemicals working on different food or drinks. Not sure if those Yanks knows about it, in Norway we got Mister muscle – The man that loves the job you hate. Think I gonna try that first and see how it goes. Otherwise I can always place an order at Americlolor.com.

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