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The Future of Mobile Phones

01.11.07 | 1 Kommentar

The Future of Mobile Phones

With the advent of the 3G technology, camera, MP3 and MP4 players on your mobile phone, you might think that you’ve seen the highest peak of cell phone technology. But the good thing about modernity and technology is that change is always a constant thing and cell phone manufacturers would still surprise us with added features in the future.

Samsung is rumored to re-launch its CDMA watch phone into a more efficient GSM version in the near future. It is said to be complete with all the features of a normal cell phone, including voice dialing, speakerphone, GPRS connectivity and Bluetooth.

Nokia, on the other hand, teamed up with the students of Industrial Design from Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London to design and come up with great ideas on their future phones.

Daniel Meyer devised a cell phone to double up as a stand-alone picture frame. For blogging addicts, Hannah Nuttal designed a Nokia phone to work as a blogging device complete with image uploading features. Will Gurley wanted his Nokia phone to be more personal so he designed a "design your own phone" where you can purchase attachments, for instance a harmonica, just so you can add some “character” to your phone.

Just like a phone out of a science-fiction movie, Kimberly HU added multi-sensory features on her mobile phone. It is said to transmit and emit smell, light, color and temperature to and fro each caller’s surroundings.

With all these possible technology, any one can get excited with the future of mobile phones. Gone are the days that cell phones are only used to call, they are now multi-functional and can give you the best value of what they are worth.

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