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01.01.07 | 1 Kommentar

Web directories are an essential part of any websites linking strategy when trying to achieve a high search engine rankings. There are several key elements to look for when choosing a web directory to place your link in. Look at the pagerank of the page that your link will appear on. You want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to passing Pr. Another important aspect of a web directory is the page strength of the web directory. Semoz offers a tool that will calculate the strength of the directory on a scale of 1-10,ten being the best. Last I like to look at the number of outgoing links on the page that my link will appear. The less links the better because it will pass more Pr to you. Dm web directory offers all of the features above for a very reasonable price. Also offered is an article directory for you to browse through. Our directories page strength and page rank will rise considerably during the next Google update. The directory is going through a major advertising and promotion campaign right now. The overall experience of the Dm Web Directory is very pleasant and easy to navigate. Stop by and feel free to browse the DM Web Directory and use one of our many SEO tools and or read our directory blog for up to date SEO information. If you are interested in becoming a link partner with the DM Web Directory please visit our link partners page.

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