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02.19.07 | 1 Kommentar

Good Directories Do Not Accept All Submissions

If a web directory accepted all sites that were submitted, it would soon begin to include many junk sites. As a result, it would cease to be a good source of worthwhile info.

So, at least for remaining in the good books of Google, most web directories have some criteria for including sites in their index. This is particularly true of specialized directories restricted to niche themes.

Unless you meet the criteria for inclusion, your site could be rejected. This could happen even if you had paid money for a quicker review of your site.

So what are the typical criteria?

The first one is that your site must contain something of value to Web surfers. These surfers are mainly seeking information or entertainment. So directories look to see whether your site offers some value in these forms.

Secondly, directories prefer sites with “substantial” content. They prefer a site with 20 or more pages of valuable content to one with just one page, even if that page has value.

There could also be restrictions on the themes – no adult sites, no hate content, no copyright violations and so on.

Do take time to understand the criteria and ensure that your site meets submissions guidelines .

Go for Manual >Directory Submission

Another key issue is the mode of submission. As elaborated in another article on manual directory submission, directories have come to hate automated submissions that dump huge volumes of useless junk before their editors. Manual submission of your site by hand has a much higher chance of being reviewed and accepted

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