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Any webmaster with SEO mind should consider placing his link on business directory with text tink ads. Website promotion without SEO is not a smart way to do. There are hundreds of advertising and marketing resources and information in the Internet, but many of them are virtually useless. In your advertising campaign, you should always focus on ROI. Naturally, you will think of a quality traffic from wherever and however you advertise online. The reason you should not forget advertising with SEO focus is basically the quality of traffic and its stability. Usually, any advertising service is an on going thing. Once you pay for it, you will have to pay money to keep your advertisement alive. If your ad is on a busy site, you can expect some extra traffic, but more people from search engines are responsive. Generally speaking, people from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN are better prospective. One of fundamental SEO is to submit your site to quality directories with search engine friendly function. By adding your link on them, you can expect to gain PageRank, a potential higher ranking at SERPs, as well as traffic from them. This is a great SEO package value.

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